Be your own HEROINE!

Did you know that all women have super-powers? These powers are your birthrite, handed down to you through your mother’s line across time immemorial—all the way back to the womb of the Cosmos herself. You are a not merely a reflection of divinity, but divinity itself rendered from stardust into fierce female form. These powers are not intended to hold dominion over, but rather emanate from within to radiate out in support of all that is real and true and sacred in the world. Virago Archery offers hands-on workshops and rituals, where we invoke the great warrior women of history and legend, lay claim to our sacred tools, and step into our personal power to achieve our full potential in all aspects of life.


  • “I took what I learned and felt from you and shared it with my daughters. We are all strong warrior women and it has a lot to do with you!”


  • “It was amazing to be able to met all these strong women. I felt humbled. And I cannot wait for next year…”


  • “I shot a bow and arrow for the first time this weekend. And I totally felt like this Angel!”